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The Pinedogs - Going Away Party - 1993

Produced by
Gurf Morlix

Das Kapital Records
PO Box 564
Buffalo, NY 14225

  1. Moving Pictures (Whitford)
  2. Outside (Schulz/Whitford)
  3. Gateway Industrial Park (Vincent)
  4. Torn Again (Whitford)
  5. Give It Back (Whitford)
  6. Whiskey Voice (Whitford)
  7. Times That I Have Missed (Vincent)
  8. Hand It Down (Whitford)
  9. Going Away Party (Whitford)
  10. All Fine And Good (Fischer)
  11. What You Want (Schulz/Vincent)
  12. Don't Bother Me (Vincent)
All songs © 1991 & 1992, Stoneyfell Music ASCAP. All rights reserved

Reflex - Alternative Music and Culture
by John Hathaway - © Reflex magazine - January 19, 1993
The third indie release from Buffalo's Pine Dogs is a pretty solid collection of pop-rock tunes occasionally graced by a bit of countrified flavor. Musically, they're a little right of the Reivers, sharing some of that band's melodic qualities. The male-female harmonies work well on songs like All Fine & Good but most of the vocals are handled by the guys. Too bad. Gretchen Schulz sings in a rich, bluesy voice that soulfully elevates their sound. Produced by Gulf Morlix (of Lucinda Williams fame), this adeptly captures a band with great promise

Dirty Linen - Folk, Electric Folk, Traditional & World Music
by PG - © Dirty Linen magazine - February/March, 1993
This is the third release by this Buffalo-based quintet, a 12-song disc produced by Gulf Morlix, who also produces and plays with Lucinda Williams. The instrumentation is straightforward, with a solid rhythm section, tasteful guitars and upfront vocals, and owes a lot to folks like The Everlys, The Byrds, and other groups from that era. I also hear kinship in their sound with bands like The Bodeans and The Clash. While they have an undeniable talent for putting together catchy tunes, on two or three songs the hook becomes something of a cliche. Sometimes the longer format of the CD works against artists in that an extra song or two goes on that might not have made the cut for an LP or cassette. The best and most original song is Gateway Industrial Park, with other standouts being Moving Pictures, Torn Again, Going Away Party, and Whiskey Voice. This is a well done collection from a band that shows a lot of promise. Plus, there's a bonus corn chili recipe printed on the insert.

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